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What is the Purpose of Hollywood by ESPIOARTWORK-102 What is the Purpose of Hollywood by ESPIOARTWORK-102
What is the Purpose of Hollywood?. There are many people who believe that the purpose of Hollywood is the “Entertainment” of the masses. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although entertainment is one of the objectives, you will be shocked to discover their Primary objective!. The primary objective of Hollywood is Simply: To Distract.

It is their Job to keep you so entangled, that you are completely Blind to the things that are going on in the real world around you. Things they want to distract you from: News, Politics, The Changing of Laws, Foreign policy. But as we explained in the article Obamacare & The New World Order, The Branch of the “New World Order” that oversees the entertainment industry is non other than the infamous “illuminati”. Their goal is to distract you not only from news and politics, but mainly…. they want to distract you from the Truth of Christ, also they want to distract you from bringing more people to God and saving those people from dying and going to Hell. And one way they do that is by using “Entertainment” as a tool of distraction.

Am I saying that ALL movies and ALL entertainment are Bad? Of course not. However, Some movies and forms of entertainment are indeed bad. You must examine the “Message” of the Entertainment, every form of entertainment delivers a message… But the contents of that message will determine the quality of what you are watching. There are studies that our brains actually run in REVERSE when processing new information. So things that are virtually impossible for us to consciously notice, our Subconscious notices them almost immediately, It is tools and tricks like these that allow the Delivering of “messages” to the masses from Hollywood. Superheroes, murderers, gangsters, Star Wars, sci-fi, fantasy & horror, westerns, Oscars, animated cartoons, television shows, video games like Pokemon and Overwatch, celebrities, they are nothing but bad things and weapons of mass distraction & brainwashing mind control.

Every popular movie like "The Wizard Of Oz", "Batman", "Disney", "Marvel", "Star Wars", "The Matrix", "Pulp Fiction", "Jurassic Park", "The Shining", "Dracula", "James Bond & Indiana Jones", "Superman", "Marilyn Monroe", "Goodfellas", "Jaws", "Total Recall", "Night Of The Living Dead", "Gone With The Wind", "Casablanca", "Alien", "Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis", "Harry Potter" and "Terminator" as well as TV shows like superhero shows and superhero cartoons are all indeed, Bad, nothing but mind control that distracts you from saving all the dying people out there in the real world and those distractions want you to let the people die and go to Hell.

Did you notice that when you first watched the movie? I did not. There are studies that our brains actually run in REVERSE when processing new information. So things that are virtually impossible for us to consciously notice, our Subconscious notices them almost immediately
It is tools and tricks like these that allow the Delivering of “messages” to the masses from Hollywood. They don’t want to Entertain you, They want to DISCIPLE you! and then destroy you. But to Continue… While the Entertainment Branch of the New World order ( illuminati ) distracts the masses…. The other branches help to influence our laws and manipulate governmental decisions. These people are referred to as the “Elites”, and they have literally infiltrated EVERY branch of the United States Government. This is why it is important to realize that “Movies” are no longer Just Movies, “Music” is no longer just Music, “Entertainment” is no longer just Entertainment.

Music, Movies, Entertainment… They are all controlled by the illuminati, and their goal and purpose is not to entertain you…. But to Destroy you. Their strongest disguise is in the fact that people think it is “Harmless”! ” The Perfect weapon, doesn’t seem like a weapon at all “ We are living in the Last Days, that is why the illuminati has gotten so Bold with their actions. They are no longer “Hiding” in the shadows. But GOD is preparing to draw a line between His children ( those of Light ) & Satan’s children ( those of darkness ) But what the illuminati does not know… Is that they are being FOOLED!. They think they have been “Enlightened”, but really they are Greatly deceived. They think that by helping, they will “Evolve” ( Ever heard oprah talk about it? ) But they are actually going deeper into darkness. The Bible tells us that Satan is the “Father” of Lies.

And what makes it even worse, Even the people who are helping Satan ( The illuminati, & Secret Societies ) … he HATES them TOO! Satan and 1/3 of the Angels that chose to FOLLOW him were kicked out of heaven for wanting to rule, they have hated God ever since. But because they are not strong enough to battle God, they can do nothing …. That was, until God created Humanity. Now Satan had a Target. (People) God LOVES mankind! So the only way Satan could indirectly attack GOD …. is by attacking God’s heart … Us, Humankind. God hates Sin, but he loves the people that are in it. He hates it because it separates us form him. Sin is the OPPOSITE of God, And Satan is the Father of Sin. That is why he was kicked out of heaven. This is why Hollywood PROMOTES sin, trying to make it seem Cool. But it is actually the opposite of cool, its disgusting. To say that “Sin” is cool, is to say that Satan is Cool. But, When GOD created the earth, he gave US, mankind… dominion over it. Satan was jealous, He wanted that power… so what does he do? He Stole it. ( The Story of Adam & Eve ). By tricking US into sin, he made us fall as HE and his angels did. And by doing so, he stole our Authority.

But GOD, in his love for humanity…. Saved us, by sending his son Jesus!. The Bible tells us… “The wages of Sin, is Death” ( Romans 6:23 ) and TECHNICALLY, we were guilty. But GOD sent his only SON… to face OUR penalty. So now, because Jesus died FOR us… Anyone who receives him is REDEEMED!. That is why Satan HATES us! GOD only made a way for humans to be Redeemed, But for Satan and his angels there is no redemption…. Only JUDGMENT. They have been around for MILLIONS of years, waiting for the DAY OF GOD…. When they will be punished for ETERNITY.

They have to go there, there is No Escape for them. But YOU don’t have to go there! That is why they work so HARD to distract you from the GOSPEL. Jesus is the Key! Some may ask…. “How could a loving GOD create a Hell?” But Jesus tells us… “Hell was never created for mankind, but for Satan and his ANGELS”. Satan’s Goal is to DISTRACT you from God just long enough for it to be TOO LATE.

Every day you wait without receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior …is an extra day he has to WIN you. Sadly, There will be MANY people who Won’t Hear, Won’t See, Won’t Believe, Until it is too Late. And they will spend the rest of ETERNITY wishing they could go back in time and make the right choice. There are many people RIGHT NOW who wish they could come back to earth and Choose Jesus Christ, but unfortunately… Its too late for them. But it is not too late for YOU!.

That is why Satan has spent THOUSANDS of years distracting from the credibility of Jesus, God, and the Bible!
Using things such as:
1. Evolution (Atheism)
2. Scientology and Science
3. Islam (Islamic terrorists and terror attacks)
4. Spiritualism ( New-Age )
5. Superheroes and comic books
6. Video gaming
7. Mass shootings
8. Cancer and junk food
9. Bug Bites and Animal Viruses
All of these things are mere DISTRACTIONS created to direct you AWAY from The Truth! And that truth is JESUS! Jesus is the KEY that opens the Door… If you get to the door WITHOUT a key, Do you think it will open just because you CRY? You can’t be a “Secret” Christian. Jesus said… ” If you be ashamed of me, So shall I be ashamed of you when you stand before my Father and the angels”. Don’t be tricked, Living for God is true Life and Happiness. I have been on both sides of the fence, and THIS side… is the BEST side! Another trick of Satan is to make you think… “You aren’t ready to change your life today. You will do it later… you have time”, Don’t Listen! You DON’T have time!, We are on the Edge of Eternity RIGHT NOW!.

God tells us… “The day that you hear my voice, Harden not your heart” If your heart was “Touched” while you read this post, Then God is extending an invitation to you TODAY to join his family, Don’t ignore it, he may not extend the invitation again. To The Reader: **  If you want to give your Life to Christ Today, Accept his FREE gift of salvation Right NOW! **.

REPENT of watching satanic Hollywood media and other distractive things and come to Jesus Christ before the time's too late.
LE2 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
I think Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is at least a contender for Best Special Effects. Can't wait for the next one! I think I might wait until Moana is out on DVD before I see it, though. 
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